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Top-notch research presented at IAC 2022, Paris

The 73rd International Astronautical Congress took place in Paris, France on 18-23 September. Ioana Bratu participated with the two research papers. The promises and perils of leveraging blockchain for the future of Moon governance includes a critical analysis of the risks and also of the opportunities of implementing blockchain in space related activities, and further as a tool for enabling the future of Moon governance; the paper was presented part of the 20th IAA Symposium on visions and strategies for the future, Session 2, Contribution of the Moon Village to solving global societal issues.

The second paper, Artificial Intelligence, Space Liability and Regulation for the Future: A Transcontinental Analysis of National Space Laws was presented part of the international Colloquium organised by the International Institute of Space Law, Session 7, Current developments in space law with special emphasis on national space legislation. The research was co-authored together with professor Steven Freeland and it analyses the synergy "AI - space" by taking a transcontinental approach. Liability provisions from national space legislations (the UAE, Indonesia, the Netherlands, South Korea and Australia) were analysed in the light of the challenges posed by the integration of artificial intelligence in space related activities. Moreover, the initiatives of the European Parliament and of the European Commission in what concerns the future of AI liability were also presented.

The Society is present every year at IAC and promotes innovative solutions on various topics of space law, especially in what concerns the intersection of AI governance with space law and policy.

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