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World Space Week at VU Amsterdam

Every year the World Space Week takes place in October. The event is organized internationally and many countries join together for the celebration of space.

At Vrije Universteit Amsterdam, the AI ∞ Space Law Society joined the celebration, this time together with a cohort of more than 100 Bachelor students part of the course Law & Governance of Outer Space Technologies.

During the Space Week, students attended lectures and working groups on a variety of space law topics: space liability in the age of artificial intelligence, exploitation of space resources, sustainability, cyber security, private public partnerships in space related activities, space commercialization, NewSpace, challenges posed by artificial intelligence to existing space law provisions, the origins of the Outer Space Treaty, ensuring equal access to space, EU space, GNSS etc.

The AI ∞ Space Law society regularly joins international events, conferences, seminaries and round tables for promoting the study of space law and enhancing capacity-building in the space sector.

If you have any questions or you are interested to find out more about the Society's activities, contact Ioana Bratu (Founder) at #aimhigher

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