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Our main focus is to crate impact in our societies by following a tailored approach divided on central themes. Our events, conferences, round tables and publications are organised considering the below impact themes. 

Abstract Collage

Sustainable Space Security

Natural disasters, pollution on Earth and in Space and  conflicts in outer space may have devastating consequences leading to loss of life, humanitarian crisis or climate urgency. We aim to analyse and propose solutions on how the systematic exploration and use of outer space enable the protection of human rights and security in an ongoing re-balance of global powers.

Future Civilizations

Future permanent human settlements on other celestial bodies than Earth (e.g. the Moon) are currently being considered by the governments of developed countries. A large number of resources, financial and technical, are being allocated for advanced investigations. How will emerging countries be involved in such initiatives? Is a quota system required for ensuring equal access to resource sharing? How will such system be compliant with international and national space law? We will propose solutions for, among others, governance mechanisms aiming towards sustainable ecosystems and environments.   

Starry Sky

Artificial Intelligence and Human Centricity 

The increasing autonomy levels of artificial intelligence deployed on Earth and in Space are slowly eliminating the human factor. While this poses uncontestable advantages for various applications, it also raises challenges regarding the human centricity. We aim to advance the following research questions: How do we maintain the "human-in-the-loop" while advancing science? What safeguards are necessary? How governments ensure protection of human rights? What is the role of the private sector? How do ensure multidisciplinary solutions for our next generations?



DEI Leadership

The emerging role of Diverse, Equal and Inclusive leadership is an uncontested requirement in our dynamic and challenged societies. Social insecurity, poverty, restricted access to education, climate change, political instability require transformative leaders guided by long lasting values. We advocate for a new type of leadership style: the DEI Leaders of Change focused on the sustainable future of our next generations.  

Architectural Construction

Artificial Intelligence & Space Liability

A series of policy initiatives have been issued at national, regional and international level in what concerns potential solutions for AI governance. The European Parliament and the European Commission have also been active in shaping the future of AI liability. What are the challenges in trying to regulate liability for damage caused by AI systems or by space objects equipped with AI capabilities? Is there a policy synchronization necessary, a synergy between AI governance and space governance? What stakeholders need to be involved in shaping the future of regulation?    


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