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Earth and Space

Solving the Global Challenges of the Future


The fundamental humanitarian values are at risk in our constantly changing societies. The increasing dependence on space infrastructure, as an enabler of our digital lives, is shifting the balance of powers. The role of space infrastructure in achieving the 17 SDGs of United Nations is uncontested. In addition, due to its emergent importance, the sustainable development of space is actively considered for becoming the next SDG 18.

Our aim is to propose multidisciplinary and holistic solutions for the purpose of solving the Global Challenges of the Future, enabled by our core values: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. 

Moon Clouds

Who we are

The Society was founded by Ioana Bratu, in February 2022, and is gathering international academics, industry and governmental representatives, lawyers, scientists, experts in security studies, students, young professionals etc. The Society offers a multidisciplinary forum tackling with pressing issues concerning space law and its intersection with artificial intelligence.

Earth and Space

Core Values

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