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Earth and Space

Solving the Global Challenges of the Future

Solving the Global Challenges of the Future

Impact Groups


We are involved in capacity-building and knowledge sharing projects on the benefit of various partners. See examples, here.


Our Members are organizing regular Mentorship sessions students and young professionals.


Researching and studying space law and its intersection with artificial intelligence represents an essential component of our Society. We empower the future generation by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge. See details here.

International Conferences

We participate at International Conferences and Fora, part of the space law community and the space industry. See our presence at IAC 2021, here.


We play an active role in advocacy projects and we collaborate with international NGO's and societies. For example, see our involvement in GEGSLA, Moon Village Association (Ioana Bratu).


Our events target a multidisciplinary audience and include: round tables, conferences and seminaries. 

More details will be soon made available.

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